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Marketing Planning

Developing a marketing plan

The NIVEA brand is one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world. NIVEA creme was first introduced in 1911...

Reaching customers through direct selling

For modern business organisations, developing goods or services is not enough. Goods must also be available in the right quantity and at the right...

Social marketing in the new millennium

There is a growing consensus within society that companies should take a more active and structured approach to the relationships they have with the...

Responding to an emerging market

'The industry as a whole is under-achieving.' This was the verdict of the Construction Task Force, led by Sir John Egan, in July 1998....

The marketing process

McDonald's is one of the best-known brands worldwide. This case study shows how McDonald's continually aims to build its brand by listening to its...

How the role of marketing drives business forwards

Portakabin designs and delivers modular buildings. It provides clients with inspiring buildings of outstanding quality. Its original market was the construction industry, with its portable...

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