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Product Development

Organic product development to accelerate growth

“IF YOU CAN INVENT A BETTER MOUSETRAP THE WORLD WILL BEAT A PATH TO YOUR DOOR!” Many of the best business lessons are based on...

Introducing a Pan European product

The Chiefs of Air Staff of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom signed an agreement to develop a new European fighter aircraft in...

Staying Ahead By Meeting Changing Consumer Needs

Consumers’ buying habits reflect their personality, income, age, lifestyle and aspirations. What people want to buy changes over the years. Many consumers constantly seek...

Using innovation to create a competitive advantage

We live in a digital age. Music, video, phone calls, information creation and information consumption are all, by and large, done digitally. A huge...

New technology development in the primary sector

Anglo American is a UK public limited company that operates on a global scale, with mines in Africa, Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and...

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