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What is integrated PR?

In today’s multi-media world, the lines between the traditional disciplines of marketing and public relations have blurred and integrated PR has emerged it’s a...

How to develop a good PR strategy?

Letting the world know about a new product launch, main product announcement, or opening a new place is necessary for a business. But, how...

How Getting Press Can Help Your Google rankings

Press releases are official statements given by companies to make announcements regarding updates, achievements, scaling, etc. It’s crucial to have a good google ranking...

You Just Wrote a Press Release: Here’s What You Need to Do Next

Ever wonder how public relations strategy can improve the performance of your business? If you intend to use PR, then you should consider best...

6 Ways to Get Global PR Exposure

As an entrepreneur, your desire to grow your brand is a top priority. With the market flooded with various products and services, it can...

Pr tactics that help travel brands become industry leaders

One of the major challenges for travel businesses is standing out from competitors. increased competition in the industry has made it harder for brands...

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