New trains and tunnels for the Jubilee Line extension
A GEC Alsthom case study

Page 1: Introduction

Every ten years, a full census is carried out by the Office of Population, Censuses and Surveys. The last one was in 1991. Information from this source over a time scale across a region would identify clear trends in the location of businesses and population. For example: a decline in the number of people living in a particular inner-city area; an increase in the number of people living in a...
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Page 2: The project

Although each project in which Metro Cammell engages, might have characteristics which are similar to other projects, each project in itself is unique. Metro Cammell’s ability to manage projects is an important ingredient for any project in which it intends to engage. A project has a single definable purpose, end product or result which is usually expressed in terms of cost, schedule and...
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Page 3: Project management

Traditional organisations are structured with a pyramidal hierarchy. Relationships with departments then follow functional, product or geographical boundaries. Formal communication is directed down through a chain of command. These traditionally structured organisations work well in stable environments. But, because they are rigid they are often unsuitable for dynamic environments characterised by...
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Page 4: Engineering department

Engineering is a core activity of Metro Cammell. It is important to develop a centre of excellence in engineering which serves all projects throughout the business. Each train is being built as a six-car unit - combining two sets of three cars. Of the six cars, four are powered. Some of the features of the new trains include: developments in passenger safety improved passenger...
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Page 5: Design services department

Vehicle Systems Integration Engineering is accountable for making sure that all the systems fit and work together as a train within the railway infrastructure; stations, depots, signalling, communications and track. A good example of the importance of this type of engineering is the design and preparation of a vehicle. The expression ‘all systems go’ popularised during the US space...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Metro Cammell is operating in a market place characterised by change, particularly in the domestic market. National privatisation of the rail industry has changed not just the way the market operates but also the customer base and its requirements. Passenger rolling stock, locomotives, carriages and multiple-unit trains were transferred to leasing companies (ROSCOS) in 1994 before privatisation in...
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