Protecting the marketing mix through intellectual property rights
An Intellectual Property Office case study

Page 1: Introduction

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The Intellectual Property Office is part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. It is the official government body responsible for granting intellectual property rights in the UK. The Intellectual Property Office supports innovation by granting intellectual property rights. This is property that originates in the mind as an idea, such as a design of a car, a piece of computer...
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Page 2: The marketing mix

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Marketing is about projecting the right product at the right price in the right way to the right customers. This is how value is added. Bringing a product to a market involves balancing several key ingredients. This is called the marketing mix: the 4Ps of product, price, promotion and place. Every offering will need a slightly different mix of these factors, depending on the product itself, the...
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Page 3: Product

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Forensic Pathways has high levels of knowledge in electronics and computer programming. For its new product, Forensic Pathways wanted to do far more than simply extract data from mobile phones. It wanted to be able to alert investigators to patterns in the data. Powerful analytical computer programs could reveal 'pictures' in the data that might spark new lines of enquiry and provide evidence of...
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Page 4: Price

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Pricing depends on the market. There are many different pricing strategies that a business can apply. Setting a relatively low price can attract customers but reduce the profit margin. This approach is called market penetration. It is often used in highly competitive mass markets with large volume turnover of goods, for example, tins of beans in a supermarket. However, Forensic Pathways...
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Page 5: Promotion and place

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The most innovative product in the world will still fail if potential customers do not understand the value it brings to them. The most effective method of promoting sales will depend on the type of product and the target market. For a mass-market product, such as a new blockbuster movie,above-the-line promotion such as internet, television and press advertising may be appropriate. This usually...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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The balance sheet of most businesses still emphasises the value of physical assets such as buildings, plant and equipment. Yet typically, around 75% of a firm's value is in its intellectual property, such as knowledge, copyrights and brands (trade marks). The business writer Charles Handy calls it the 3Is - information, intelligence and ideas. Many businesses are able to exploit their...
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