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Financial security in times of crisis

There are numerous investment strategies – but which one is really safe?

Financial security is a need we all have. Because nobody wants to get by without savings. After all, invested money can bring an enormous advantage because purchases can be made without any problems and without having to get into debt.

There are many investment strategies. However, the uncertainty of some investment options is usually at least as big.

Since the financial crisis of 2008 at the latest, we have known that our money is not necessarily in safe hands.

Stocks – Proven investment strategy

A well-known investment strategy is investment in shares or stocks.

But if you want to invest your assets in stocks, you should be familiar with the stock market and be aware of the financial risks. A beginner may find it difficult to find and invest in suitable and above all profitable stocks.

In addition, stocks are usually only profitable in the long term. Plus: only if there is no crash.

ETF Savings Plans as an Alternative to the Savings Book

A bit safer, compared to investing in stocks, is investing in an ETF savings plan.

One-off payments are also possible. If the price of the fund rises, the value of the savings plan also rises at the same time.

In the event of a price slump, the profit falls, but new and considerably cheaper fund units can still be acquired at a low. The investment of an ETF savings plan should also only generate profits in the long term. In addition, economic crises can lead to considerable losses.

But what about an investment in the coveted precious metal gold?

The price of gold is also subject to fluctuations. But what is certain is that the price of gold has been rising steadily for many years. And this without any significant drop in profits. Gold can therefore be a very sensible investment strategy.

Nevertheless, one should invest less in smaller quantities of gold than in large ones.

The gold business is really worthwhile from a troy ounce upwards. That is the equivalent of 31.1 g pure gold. While it was still available for a little more than 250 Euros until about 2005, nowadays you have to dig deeper into your pocket. Meanwhile, one troy ounce of gold is worth more than 1,200 euros. An example for the extreme price increase in the last 20 years.

However, this does not mean that this price development can be transferred to the next 50 years.

Particularly popular is the precious metal in the form of well-known coins, such as the “gold coin Krugerrand”. The value is always the same, so the pure gold value is always exactly 1 ounce of fine gold.  The total weight is 33.93 grams – however, the values are not always identical from dealer to dealer. With auragentum.de for example it concerns maximum values.

One obvious difference to most coins is that the Krugerrand has no face value.

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