Sectors of industry
An OPITO case study

Page 1: Introduction

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OPITO The Oil & Gas Academy is the focal point for skills, learning and workforce development in the industry, delivering the right skills for the industry now and in the future. It works with a wide variety of stakeholders to identify and meet the skills requirements for the global oil & gas industry. These stakeholders come from the industry itself, the government and education. The...
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Page 2: Sectors of industry

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The economy is divided into three sectors: The primary sector involves the extraction of raw materials and natural resources. Examples of this are farming and mining, as well as the extraction of oil and gas. The secondary sector turns these raw materials into products. Manufacturing and Construction are secondary sector industries. In the case of Oil & Gas this involves the processes from...
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Page 3: Oil and gas activities in the primary sector

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Raw materials are extracted in the primary sector. In the oil and gas industry this means exploration (finding oil and gas) as well as extraction (drilling for oil and gas). Many skills required in this sector may be science or maths-based. However other skills such as teamwork and problem solving are equally important. The whole exploration process requires different skills at different...
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Page 4: Oil and gas roles in the primary sector

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Usually people involved in the exploration stage have qualifications in geology, geophysics or petrophysics. Skills in mathematics, engineering and computer science help develop and analyse geological models. Angus McKay is a drilling engineer. He graduated in Mining Engineering and has a PhD in RockMechanics. He decided to leave the mining industry for a career in the oil and gas industry...
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Page 5: Secondary sector and tertiary sector

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Secondary sector The secondary sector takes raw materials and turns them into products. In the oil and gas industry, there are two aspects to production. The Academy is involved with supporting the skills required for the “upstream” secondary sector processes (where the raw materials are extracted). However, the oil and gas industry as a whole needs people with the right skills...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Extraction of oil and gas sits within the primary sector. However, the oil and gas industry relies on the secondary sector for the next stage in the chain of production. This includes refining the oil to produce fuel and other products such as wax and lubricating oil.  Tertiary sector activities are involved in the trading of these oil and gas products to businesses and...
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