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Is a Bubbler Better Than a Bowl?

Bubblers are an interesting way of smoking legal herbs. With multiple benefits and unique features, bubblers have gained recent popularity amongst customers.

Although the most widely used is a bong, bubblers fall under the same category but present different perks and unique specialities. 

Bubbler water pipes feature a bowl, mouthpiece, stem, and chamber that hold the water for the smoke to travel through. With this feature, the smoke is cooled in motion, boosting that buttery and smooth hit.

It has extra water chambers or percolators that help the cooling process for a better smoking experience. Despite the added features, bubblers are portable and easy to carry, unlike other pieces.

Bubbler vs. Bowl: What’s the difference?

Before you choose your next piece, you should make sure that you know the product specifications. So, what is the difference between bowls and bubblers?

Well, if you will observe these two products closely, you’ll notice a few significant differences in terms of price, design, and overall smoking experience.


Bubblers are designed similarly to hand pipes but feature a chamber below the bowl pack to accommodate water. This added attribute enables smoother hits and better filtration (which means fewer ashes are breathed in).

The design also includes a curved neck to give it a similar feel to a sidecar dab rig rather than a bowl. 

Aside from that primary distinction, they are pretty much the same as bowls. Other components, such as the rush hole, bowl pack, and mouthpiece, are formed in different shapes to accommodate the bowl pack’s water chamber.

Some of the best bubbler pipes fall into the category that is designed similarly to the infamous Sherlock pipe. It’s important to know first which design suits your preferences before buying one.


Bowls are less complicated than bubblers and come in a wide variety of designs specializing in a particular functionality. Since hand pipes were around way before bubblers, they evolved into a wide array of designs and usability.

Hand pipes can be smoother or larger, while other varieties feature a more durable or smoke-cooling intention. However, despite the multitude of product styles, no hand pipe can compare with the general smoothness and coolness of hits from bubblers.

The upper hand in the competition regarding smoke filtration and overall cooling efficiencies still belongs to them. 

Is a Bubbler Better Than a Bowl?

Price: Which one is more worth it?

To be completely honest, bubblers are not exactly cheap. You can find bowls sold at a lower price, amounting to around $15 to $35 per piece in comparison to bowls.

That is for a standard hand pipe. Of course, bigger and more complex types amount to higher numbers. 

With bowl prices laid out, bubblers will take you about $30 to $50 for a high-quality pipe. Even if it is a bit more expensive, it is definitely worth it.

If you are looking for the convenience of a bowl that blends together with the smoothness of a bong, paying a bit more for bubblers should still be a great deal.

Smoking Experience: What is the overall smoothness of a bubbler?

Bongs, even those below usual standards, still uphold a smoother smoke compared to that of a hand pipe. If you have ever smoked a bong, you can definitely tell the difference. That same fact holds true for bubblers vs. bowls. 

Although most bubblers do not usually include a percolator and comprise of a smaller water chamber (compared to bongs), the slight difference in water amount makes a significant distinction.

Frequent bowl smokers should know that clogging, ashes, and the feeling of burning at your throat are all displeasing inconveniences.

Lessen the occurrence of these difficulties with bubblers as they reduce ashes that are pulled through. Hence, smoother smoke experiences decrease the burning in your throat.

Is a Bubbler Better Than a Bowl?

To summarise, bubblers and bowls have three significant differences and share many minor characteristics.

However, the difference in price, design, and overall smoking experience can be either an enticement or a typical deal-breaker for most users. However, it still depends on the individual preferences of the consumers.

Some people prefer pieces that are smaller with a concealable bow and instead sacrifice the smoothness of the smoke.

Others prefer to put more money into a bubbler that can function as a bowl. Despite the differences in size, every consumer has a list of likes and dislikes when buying these products. 

But when put side by side, bubblers definitely have the upper hand when it comes to quality, durability, and convenience. Its unique design offers significant features that other hand pipes cannot. 

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