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Page 2: Assessing the borrower

Britannia needs to take a number of other factors into account when assessing a borrower. If inadequate attention is paid to the assessment process, it will result in more people defaulting on repayments, causing arrears and ultimately repossession.

Arrears and repossessions are:

  • time consuming and costly to administer
  • damaging to the public image of Britannia and building societies as a whole
  • examples of poor customer services. They also lead to losses, which reduces the amount of interest Britannia can pay to its investors.

The application form

The application form provides the largest single body of information about the applicant. It is completed and signed by the applicant and provides the following information:

  • identity and present address of the applicant
  • marital status and children
  • income and employment
  • details of existing mortgage (or rent).

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