Branding strategies to create value
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 5: Constructive thinking

From within Cadbury Trebor Bassett came an interesting, attractive proposal based on some solid propositions:

  • For children, consumption is linked to having fun. Any consumption that children regard as fun will also appeal to their parents, who do the spending.
  • Other companies manage to associate consumption with children having fun. For example, Disney offers Disneyland, where, in the course of having a good time, children meet loveable characters whom they link with the purchases that parents make on their behalf, such as cinema tickets, videos, cuddly toys.
  • Children value a sense of belonging. They like clubs. Lego runs the Lego Club and offers its members visits to Legoland, where children have fun with products reminiscent of the Lego products that parents buy for them.
  • Good ideas may be transferable. For confectionery consumption to be viewed not merely as pleasurable but also fun, the company's products need to take on some characteristics of the entertainment industry.
  • The company has 'a place where chocolate is made' - Cadbury World - that is a huge attraction to thousands of visitors each year. It is an asset that can be further developed.

Out of this line of thinking came a new Cadbury creation: Cadbury LAND.

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