The acquisiton of Dr Pepper/Seven-Up company inc
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Page 1: Introduction

This case study focuses on how Cadbury Schweppes acquired the American-based company Dr Pepper/Seven-Up. Of particular interest is the thinking and purpose behind the acquisition, and how the acquired company will be managed in the future.

Dr Pepper/Seven-Up is not a very familiar name in the UK, although many people will have heard of or purchased the 7-Up product. Dr Pepper/Seven-Up owns the 7-Up brand in the USA and the Dr Pepper brand worldwide. Created in 1885, Dr Pepper is the oldest, nationally distributed soft drink in the US. The 7-Up brand was introduced in 1929. Within the US carbonated soft drinks' market, Dr Pepper/Seven-Up is one of the fastest growing companies.

In 1994 Dr Pepper/Seven-Up brands had an 11.6 market share in the US. Sales volumes over the previous five years grew by 5 per cent per annum, more than double the industry average.

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