Going for growth by investing in people, products and plant
A Hazlewood Sandwiches case study

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High quality businesses understand their market, know customers' requirements, and meet their demands. To do this, they must continually invest not only in market and product research but also in the three Ps:

  • people
  • products
  • plant.

This Case Study shows how and why Hazlewood Sandwiches has developed its new state-of-the-art factory at Manton Wood, Worksop (Nottinghamshire), which builds on the company's heritage of high quality sandwich production.

In addition to production line manufacturing, Hazlewood Sandwiches' employees are skilled in handcrafting specialist sandwiches; the company's finest recipes are served to, among others, British Airways' first class passengers. The company also produces a wide range of sandwiches for most supermarkets and many of the country's petrol stations.

In January 2001, the original Hazlewood Foods holding company was acquired by Greencore Group plc at a cost of around £420 million. Greencore has an annual turnover of £1 billion and employs 11,000 people in six countries in the European Union. It had several reasons for its acquisition of Hazlewood Foods, including:

  • Hazlewood Foods was an established producer within the growing convenience market sector.
  • Acquiring a profitable, dynamic business will help to grow the Greencore Group by increasing profits, which will raise returns for shareholders.
  • Greencore's existing businesses typically involved producing sugar and other food ingredients where market growth has been slower than in the sandwich business and other convenience chilled foods sectors Hazlewood operated in.

Hazlewood Sandwiches | Going for growth by investing in people, products and plant