Meeting the needs of the consumer
An IKEA case study

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Page 3: IKEA's vision

A vision is the ideal or aim to which an organisation and its people work. The vision statement should answer the question – ‘Who is IKEA?’ Having a clear vision enables an organisation to enthuse its employees, customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders. Ingvar Kamprad’s vision, for example, was different and exciting because it said that ordinary people mattered. Nowadays, many modern organisations set out to create a corporate and a personal vision for the people that work for the organisation. Today IKEA’s corporate vision is that of:

‘A community of professionals, constantly developing the skills necessary to create a better everyday life at home for the many people.’

This is translated down to a personal vision for IKEA employees:

‘I, as an employee at IKEA, can make a difference. I am able to help to create something for the benefit of everybody, a better everyday life at home’

IKEA’s mission

Ikea 4 Diagram 1Having created a clear vision, it is then necessary to translate the ideas into a mission - i.e. a purpose which can be used as a clear guiding principal for how the organisation and its employees will be able to achieve the vision. The mission statement lays out the direct practical steps which the organisation and its employees will be able to take to achieve its vision. With a clear mission, it is possible to set out what the organisation and its people need to do to secure improvements in performance.

IKEA’s mission is:

‘To develop the skills of every IKEA employee, so that they may become professionals in providing a complete range of home decorating products of good form and function at a low price.’

The mission for IKEA’s employees is:

‘I will gain the knowledge necessary to develop myself and my skills so that my work and my life are more meaningful.’

Developments of IKEA’s corporate mission are reflected in the company’s businesses practices which conveniently can be set out under the mnemonic IKEA:

IKEA | Meeting the needs of the consumer