Creating and launching a new product range
A Jeyes case study

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Page 2: Scope

Jeyes Group plc is a holding company, the principal activities of its trading subsidiaries are the marketing, manufacture and sale of cleaning and hygiene products. The Jeyes Group employs more than 1000 people (700 in the UK) and has a turnover of more than £100 million.

  • Jeyes Group plc has three individual businesses, each with its own executive team. These are:
  • Jeyes UK - has four factories at Boroughbridge, East Kilbride, Thetford and Wigan. Its main customers are the large UK supermarket chains and other multiple retailers. Jeyes UK also has a smaller business servicing industrial and commercial customers.
  • Jeyes Germany - supplies major multiple retailers and drugstore chains in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Production is carried out at a factory in Neuburg, near Munich. It also sells within the Group. Most of these intragroup sales are to Jeyes International.
  • Jeyes International - is responsible for selling the Group's products to customers outside the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Most of its sales are products contract manufactured for local and multinational marketing and distribution companies. It is also responsible for managing the licensing of Jeyes’ products and trademarks around the world and the related income.

Financial performance

Organisations must constantly manage and develop their business strategies to determine the long-term direction of their activities. In doing so, they need to consider the value and benefits they create for shareholders and other stakeholding groups. 1994 was a critical year for the Jeyes Group. Following several successful years, the Company hit a series of problems which resulted in the announcement of a loss in 1994.

Jeyes | Creating and launching a new product range