Roles and responsibilities within an organisational structure
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Page 4: Roles within Aspire Defence Services Limited

The range of job roles and career opportunities, both in KBR and ADSL, is huge. Each job role is described fully in a job description. This lists the key tasks of a post. This document also places the role within the organisational context and gives the salary scale. Once the job role has been defined, a person specification can be drawn up. This profiles the essential and desirable skills and qualities required of the person who is to take on that job. Typically, a person specification will list these skills based on physical or intellectual capabilities. It may include such things as special aptitudes or personal disposition, depending on the role. KBR values many diverse capabilities but especially the following: 

  • technical competence
  • strong oral and written communication skills
  • relationship building and teamwork
  • planning and organisational skills
  • adaptability.

KBR seeks the best and brightest graduates in engineering, science, finance, marketing and management to drive the business forward. The job descriptions and person specifications are used to formulate adverts to attract these graduates. These requirements are also used to support the interview process, identify training and development needs and review progress within the roles.

Job roles in KBR can fall into many specialist categories of the business. The organisation uses a 'competency framework' that helps to identify the personal skills, behaviours and levels of capability needed by management, administrative, technical or engineering roles.

Managers' roles carry greater responsibilities than their subordinates and demand different skills and qualities. ADSL, similarly to KBR, has defined a set of general management capabilities. These are used to recruit, review and develop management grades. These guidelines require that managers should: 

  • be technically competent with a detailed understanding of their area of responsibility
  • provide strategic and operational leadership
  • develop and motivate others
  • be approachable and open to ideas
  • display honesty and integrity.

Within the ADSL structure there are staff working as labourers, stock managers, electricians, project managers and accountants. About 85% of these roles are based at one of the army garrisons served by Project Allenby/Connaught. Many ADSL staff live within 10 to 15 miles of the sites. This helps to give them an understanding of the clients and the people they serve.

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