Achieving career results for young people
A Kent TEC case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Kent Tec 4 Image 1This case study shows how successful marketing planning can be used by Training and Enterprise Councils to help young people achieve the career results they deserve. Many young people in the past have not achieved their full potential because they lacked a clear understanding of career opportunities available to them.

However, with a well-focused marketing strategy, it should be possible to match young people with the wide range of careers, training opportunities and courses which are available to them. A well-focused and clearly structured plan will help move young people (and others) from a position of ‘unawareness’ to one of taking actions for their ongoing development.

This case study highlights the way in which Kent TEC has applied the well-known AIDA marketing principle - i.e. of moving the customer (in this case, young people in the careers market) through the key stages of the AIDA model.

A Awareness of all relevant opportunities
I Interest in those opportunities which are relevant to their needs and aptitudes
D Desire to seek out more information or embark on the appropriate course of action
A Action to take the appropriate steps in the careers market.

Kent TEC provides an excellent example of one of this country’s leading Training and Enterprise Councils. Kent TEC is a private limited company, largely Government funded, which sets out to provide an efficient and effective local labour market to meet the needs of local businesses, local employees and potential employees. Efficient labour markets are essential to the competitiveness and well-being of this country.

This case study focuses on the way in which Kent TEC has created a clear marketing plan to meet its training targets for young people.

Kent TEC | Achieving career results for young people