Using skills to respond to the external environment
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Page 4: Social factors

Logica 17 Image 8Social factors reflect the constant change in society’s interests, beliefs and actions. There are now different working patterns available which allow men and women to balance work and life commitments better. New technology is driving faster and more integrated forms of communication - 25 years ago the mobile phone was just an evolving concept; the personal computer and internet were just starting to make an impact.

The make-up of society is also changing. The UK has an older and more diverse society with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. A diverse workforce brings together people with different skills and competencies. Diversity is therefore a focus of Logica’s HR strategy. Logica competes with many other firms for a limited pool of highly talented individuals with good IT and numerical skills. To increase this pool of talent, Logica aims to increase the number of females in its workforce. Within the IT industry, females only account for an average of 16% of the graduates in Computer Science/IT.

Women in the workforce

Logica understands that increasing the number of females in its workforce will bring different strengths. Logica has been heavily involved in driving equality within the workplace. It has supported the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). This is a partnership initiative of the United Nations. It has joined 267 nations across the world in order to improve gender equality. This has helped to empower women within the workplace and the community. To do this they have created a Women’s Mentoring Programme aimed at supporting women in their career development. This will ensure that more women rise through the ranks into positions of senior management.

Another way that Logica is addressing this issue is by supporting IT clubs in local schools near Logica’s offices across the UK. These clubs promote the importance of IT and demonstrate the variety of exciting career opportunities available within the industry, particularly for young women. By offering a range of different routes into the business and making education more affordable, Logica is able to provide an exciting and desirable option for career development.

Logica | Using skills to respond to the external environment