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Page 6: Conclusion

Marconi 6 Image 2Marconi today is the world leader in SDH and supplies customers worldwide, from Australia and China to Latin America and most European countries*. Marconi Communications has also been successful in winning key corporate customers such as Microsoft, Shell, Intel and Disney.

Such sales sometimes require strategic partnerships to fully meet customer needs. For example, Ericsson has entered into an agreement to market the full range of Marconi’s high-speed transmission equipment to customers across the world. SDH products will form a key element of the fibre-optic backbone of Ericsson’s networks. It will also provide Ericsson with access to Marconi’s development capability so it can support the further development of SDH technology.

The process of transformation has seen Marconi Communications reposition itself away from narrowband switching, to become the world’s leading supplier of broadband transmission equipment. In responding to this role, the business has accessed different market segments and broadened its customer base. The new liberalised world of telecoms has enabled Marconi to enter and develop in fast growing markets in the face of established and well developed competitors.

In a changing industry, a business is only as good as its next product. Being a first-mover is a key element to sustaining Marconi Communications’ competitive position. This involves thorough research and development to produce new products which meet customer needs.


* SDH equipment is not sold in North America, which has its own equivalent transmission technology, SONET. SDH and SONET equipment are not compatible.

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