Managing change to meet market challenges
A NATS case study

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Page 2: Market Challenges

Nats 20 Image 3The world of Air Traffic Management (ATM) is undergoing unprecedented change and the next few years will set the future for the industry.  These changes will compel NATS to transform the way it provides ATM services to its customers.  In doing so, there will be opportunities to enable the commercial growth of the business, driving NATS ambition ‘to become the acknowledged global leader in innovative air traffic solutions and airport performance.’  Anticipating the evolving priorities of each customer and responding rapidly with services focusing on their needs will differentiate NATS from its competitors, making it the world leader it aspires to be.
Unfortunately NATS is not alone in understanding this.  Many industries have had to face similar challenges and our competitors are also aware of this coming change in the industry. In short, NATS business is being shaped by the external market place more than ever before.  These market place challenges form a backdrop to the Single European Sky (SES), a policy initiative of the European Commission, which proposes a package of measures covering everything from passenger safety, environmental protection, technological advances, traffic flow management and cost efficiency.

Collectively these measures and concepts will enable Europe to cope with rising air traffic, but will fundamentally change the way air traffic is managed, increase competition and reduce the dependence on nationally bound Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) like NATS.  Across European airspace, there are approximately 28 ANSP’s similar to NATS.  The primary difference between NATS and other ANSPs is that National Governments own ANSPs in Europe.  NATS is owned by a partnership between the Government and other shareholders.  That makes NATS very unique in the world.

To address emerging marketplace challenges, implement the concepts that will deliver SES and SESAR (the technological strand of SES) and to respond to future opportunities to grow, NATS will need to become more agile and flexible.  Ensuring that NATS business, its workforce and its supporting technological infrastructure meet the future needs of the industry and the challenges it faces is its number one priority.  

NATS | Managing change to meet market challenges