Developing enterprise skills
A NFTE-UK case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The work of NFTE helps to empower young people from disadvantaged communities. In doing so it provides them with skills beyond the curriculum. The experience helped students to open up their minds to many of the broader and more diverse opportunities within the modern workplace. More than half of employment and turnover within the UK is accounted for by small businesses.

The work of NFTE helps students to gain first-hand experience of the exciting opportunities available within the workplace. Students learn how to set up a business, manage market research, cash flow, teams and production. NFTE has prepared many students for the real world of business by equipping them with vocational experiences and vital skills that they can carry into businesses when they leave school.

The Enterprise Education Trust

The Enterprise Education Trust brings together businessdynamics, NFTE, Blue Skies and Achievers International. Each has a different but complementary focus and together we deliver a wide range of programmes. The original trust was founded by 3i in 1977 and more than 90,000 14-19 year olds benefit from our programmes every year.

It offers flexible, interactive programmes that use real life business experience to inform, involve and inspire young people of all abilities including; gifted and talented, disaffected and disadvantaged, young offenders and those with special needs. It develops the skills employers want and increases students' knowledge of business, bridging the gap between school and work.

For further information on the programmes run by the Enterprise Education Trust contact:

Tel 020 7261 4550

Tel 020 7620 0735

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