Developing a communications strategy
A Roche case study

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Page 3: Planning the project

Roche 6 Image 3As with all projects, the first step was to establish clear objectives. Roche UK already had corporate communications objectives. These were to:

  • raise the profile of Roche
  • build the company’s reputation
  • create a positive environment for growth of the business.

Roche also laid out some clearly defined communication objectives for the Dome Project itself. These were to:

  • generate and build employee interest in, and enthusiasm for, Roche’s sponsorship of the Body Zone
  • use its Dome sponsorship to develop new business opportunities
  • actively involve Roche staff in the Dome Project
  • ensure that the content of the Body Zone reflects Roche’s integrated healthcare capabilities

The project also aimed to raise awareness, both inside and outside the organisation, of Roche's:

  • sponsorship of the Body Zone
  • contribution to the content of the Zone
  • contribution to the UK economy
  • range of businesses
  • cycle of care
  • brand name.

Roche | Developing a communications strategy