Developing a Human Resource strategy
A Tarmac case study

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Page 4: Getting the right people

The starting point of the workforce planning process is to identify employment needs for the future. At the heart of this are the processes of attraction, recruitment and selection.

Tarmac needs to manage these processes effectively in order to ensure it gets high quality candidates for posts. Recruitment is a costly process and so Tarmac uses a structured approach to ensure that the right candidates are selected.


Attracting people involves constructing job descriptions and person specifications. These identify what the job involves and what essential and desirable qualities the candidate must have. These are used to create advertisements, which are placed in relevant press and media, for instance trade journals like Construction Weekly or Personnel Today. Recruiting the right people is fundamental to Tarmac”s development. It recruits individuals capable of reaching higher potential. This involves looking for individuals with diverse skills from a range of backgrounds.


Selection is the process undertaken by human resource managers to choose the best individual that has applied for a job vacancy. For graduate applicants, Tarmac uses a range of different selection tools including competence questions, a group exercise, delivering a presentation, psychometric testing and an interview. This thorough process ensures that Tarmac appoints the most suitable individuals.

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