How training and development supports business growth
A Tesco case study

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Page 4: Development

Development is about helping the person grow and extend their abilities. Tesco takes a shared responsibility approach to training and development. The trainee is primarily responsible for his or her development. Both the trainee and the line manager contribute to the programme. 

Tesco employees are encouraged to ask themselves strategic questions in order to assess their skills and ability to progress:

  • Do I know how?
  • Can I do it now?
  • What are my current skills?
  • What do I need to achieve a higher position?

Tesco's Options programme provides a long-term strategy for development. It offers, for example, workshops focusing on both leadership behaviours and operating skills. The employee's Personal Development Plan includes Activity Plans, a Learning Log (to record what the key learning points of the training were and how they are going to be used) and a 'Plan, Do, Review' checklist to monitor when plans are completed. This allows trainees to carry out their own analysis of progress.

Personal development helps to produce long lasting competencies. This means employees become more positive, productive and valuable to the organisation in the long term. Recruiting new staff is more expensive than retaining existing staff, so for Tesco, retaining staff is extremely important. Development also helps increase the level of employee motivation.

Motivation theorists suggest that if people are given the skills to do their jobs well, the support to grow their abilities and greater responsibility, this makes them more effective in their roles. Tesco requires staff who can be flexible and who can adapt to change. It also needs to ensure it has the right calibre of staff to build its management team of the future.


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