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Page 5: Management training and development

Management training and development takes place at a number of different levels. It includes:

  • 2-year programmes designed for management trainees
  • programmes for middle managers.

Travis Perkins has developed these courses itself. In addition, outside agencies offer programmes for senior and executive managers.

Management training programmes focus upon providing participants with the opportunity, space and freedom to explore issues of concern. Programmes vary according to need. For example, the training programme for future branch managers takes place over five months. During this time, delegates go through a range of modules that include personal development, self organisation and recruitment and selection. Each manager also produces and presents a case study.

High performance managers go through a modular programme of training where they develop a tool kit for performance known as 4i. These are:

  • IMPLEMENT (Getting the key aspects right, consistently)
  • INSIGHT (Building self awareness and personal effectiveness)
  • INSPIRE (Getting people involved. Taking the team with you)
  • IMPACT (Achieving results. Having the commercial edge).

For high performing managers this programme helps them to:

  • analyse their own approach to management
  • defined and manage their priorities
  • better delegation and empowerment of their people
  • recognise what is involved in contributing to a high-performing team that focuses on Travis Perkins' objectives.

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