Transforming the marketplace
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Page 2: Marketing strategy

Umbro Com 6 Image 1Since Umbro’s change of ownership in 1999, the company has had to rethink its marketing strategy. As well as pioneering latest technologies in products, the time was right for using other technologies to target youthful people in a way that would meet their specific needs more closely. This process is known as segmentation, a process in which the marketplace is divided into smaller segments consisting of buyers with similar needs or characteristics.

Market segmentation enables an organisation to tailor products and strategies to different sectors of the market and just like a rifle, to hit the target market with precision. Using the world-wide-web has become a way of life for youthful people as they are able to search for:

  • new games
  • information sources
  • entertainment
  • leisure activities.

The user is also able to make return visits by use of the web addresses. Internet users with an interest in football and who may want to buy an Umbro kit are different from high street buyers. UMBRO.COM represented a good opportunity to use a different medium with new possibilities such as web casting, interviews and reports to develop a unique relationship with youthfully minded football enthusiasts.

On 6th April 2000 UMBRO.COM Ltd was set up as the Master Licensee for the Digital Rights of Umbro. The aim was to set up a unique shopping experience through for customers that would enable them to shop online for a wide variety of Umbro merchandise, including the England and Manchester United kits.

The specific goals of the new business have been to:

  • drive visitors to the website
  • create an image for UMBRO.COM
  • improve the image of Umbro.

At midnight on July 11th 2000, UMBRO.COM commenced trading in over 200 countries. As the business develops it is quickly expanding its product offerings. | Transforming the marketplace