Transforming the marketplace
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Page 5: Message and media


Umbro Com 6 Image 8The important part of any promotional campaign is to communicate a key message that must be clear and consistent throughout the activities of the campaign. The message is the central point of any campaign on which all other activities are focused. It should be both creative and relate to the brand’s positioning.

It is important to keep the message focused upon the audience. For example, for the audience at which it is targeted, should it be humorous, down to earth, frank or partisan? Think carefully about the promotional objectives for the campaign as you think about the message. For example, you will be trying to improve UMBRO.COM’s image, get more visitors to the website and encourage them.


Reaching a targeted audience involves using media to which this audience is exposed and influenced. Your research should reveal the sort of media they use. This part of your promotional plan involves identifying practical actions for the campaign. As an Internet company, much of the advertising may be carried online.

Remember, the campaign should try to reach the widest audience in the best way for the lowest cost, with a message that they will remember and identify positively with Umbro products. For example, promotions may be carried in magazines or at staged publicity events. You may think of special sales promotions, public relations activities or simply rely upon advertising in match day programmes or at stadiums.

The timing of a marketing campaign is imperative. Think carefully about key events during a typical football season and for youthful market that could coincide with special promotional opportunities. | Transforming the marketplace