Driving forward environmental aims and objectives
A UNISON case study

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Page 3: Developing a strategy and creating tactics

UNISON has developed a long term strategy designed to meet its aims and objectives. Its strategy involves engaging with the government. It also involves working with its members, who set the overall direction for the union”s work.

Most of UNISON's members work in the public sector. This sector accounts for more than five million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. Public services are a huge part of the UK economy. For example, each year the NHS consumes vast amounts of water and energy.  Within the economy as a whole, over 50% of environmental impacts are work-related.  It is therefore important that UNISON plays a part in supporting the government”s climate change bill. UNISON has responded by showing the government how UNISON plans could help its members reach the targets for the reduction of emissions.


UNISON has also engaged in a series of tactics. These are shorter-term environmental measures. For example, it has developed training materials for employees. This helps members to improve the environment in the workplace.

UNISON has also sponsored courses and run events, like its conference on greening the public services at which the government minister David Miliband took part. These have helped to promote the need for environmental measures at the workplace.

UNISON | Driving forward environmental aims and objectives