Providing support through the stages of the business cycle
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Page 6: Conclusion

Unison 18 Image 1Recently the performance of the UK economy has created many challenges for UNISON members. Setting up the charity There for You enabled UNISON to undertake its wider responsibilities to its members in difficult times. In doing so, it has provided significant levels of support for members who have struggled with increasing costs of living and the impact of government cuts to benefits and public sector jobs as well as pay freezes. Having an understanding of the phases of the business cycle has enabled UNISON to manage its support services by adapting to changing economic events.

A significant lesson for all businesses to learn from UNISON is the need to not only put strategies together for growth or a downturn in the economy, but also to put in positive action to help with budgeting and saving when the economy is growing. Its strategies, including the commitment to continual improvement, have ensured that There for You has maintained and increased its efficiency in supporting UNISON members through all phases of the business cycle.

UNISON | Providing support through the stages of the business cycle