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10 Casino secrets found on Reddit

10 Casino secrets found on Reddit
Photo by Drew Rae: pexels.com

Almost all worldwide casinos have some secrets which they keep away from users. However, customers make significant efforts to reveal this information thanks to popular forums and sites. Following the Reddit stories, we have found ten top casino secrets that you should learn now.

1. Slot games are written in C musical key

One of Reddit’s secrets shares that all slots include a C musical key. If you have ever wondered how all casino noises don’t make a terrible sound, the answer is here – this is because of the same musical key which keeps players engaged.

2. Some casino visitors don’t take bathroom breaks

Casino visitors are engaged in the possibility to win big. For this reason, they concentrate on the outcome of the game without going to the bathroom. Some of them wear diapers to avoid losing time. However, there are players who don’t wear diapers and leave their seats messy…

3. Casinos use faster dealers during the night shift

Have you ever had a feeling that your afternoon bankroll lasts longer than the night budget? It is not far from the truth as casinos push faster dealers at night to draw more bets per hour. Some blackjack dealers use to deal 50 hands per hour which motivate players to bet more.

4. Casino haunting

Some Reddit comments share that patrons died during the casino game. Some players died while playing slot machines while others died at table games. Most of the players died old but there are also opposite examples. Next time you choose to play at certain casinos, make sure to check Reddit stories.

5. House wins more than usual

Not only Vegas casinos collect enormous profits from gamblers. Illinois riverboat venue makes $1 million each week. The previous amount is calculated after the deduction of all expenses. Just to let you know to pay attention…

Online casinos in Poland are legal for all casino players. Make sure to visit some platforms including bet at a home bonus for additional entertainment.

6. Casinos Receive Boxes with Pre-Shuffled Cards

Some players are just too obsessed with lucky decks of cards and combinations. Have in mind that card decks become part of machines several times per shift. It means that you will not see the casino dealer shuffle a new deck of cards.

7. Smoking Ban Can Cost Millions

Most casino players are smokers which is not the best news for casino owners. According to Reddit comments, casinos lose $20 million per quarter due to smoking banks. Other casinos which lifted the ban (Tribal casinos) avoid losing so much money.

8. When you earn $15,000 casino follows you

Most players spend a lifetime in casino venues without being noticed by casino owners. Once you hit a certain level, the casino follows your activity on a regular basis. But what is that level? One expert mentioned that it could be the amount of $15K in blackjack (per sit-down).

9. Casino Chips Could Serve like Crayons

If you have ever considered counterfeiting a casino chip, remember that it is rocket science. From now on, you should pay attention to the alternative use of chips: like crayons.

10. Blackjack Dealer Doesn’t have Idea about his hand

As you already know, a live dealer checks the result of the blackjack round. However, he doesn’t check the card but places it in the peeker. When there is no blackjack (white card) there is no point in knowing hand value.

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