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4 AI trends every business should consider in 2019 beyond

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Around 82% of companies invested in AI development for improving their financial gain. 42% of businesses turned towards AI for enhancing their internal processes, while other 31% relied on the technology for optimizing their external processes.

Such statistics are a clear indication that Artificial Intelligence is powering to be a driving force for the business world. It is helping startups and established brands in mitigating the prevalent challenges and taking advantage of all the untapped opportunities, and thus, should not be overlooked when pondering upon how to rule the market.

But, the question that arises here is – How to introduce AI in your business processes? How to ensure that the impact of AI on your business remains positive?

While there are various ways to figure this out, the simplest of all is to religiously follow the prevailing trends associated with the technology. Or, better say, look into what are the best AI trends for 2019 and beyond – something that we will talk about in this article.

So, bring out your notebook/note app and write down all the AI trends that you – or better say, every business – should watch out for in 2019.

4 AI Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

1) Use of AI-powered Chips

Considering the fact that the traditional chips are finding hard to meet the speed and other traits of Artificial Intelligence, the year 2019 will witness the introduction of AI-specialized chips.

These chips, as disclosed by chip manufacturers like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA, will be designed to match the speed of execution of AI-powered applications. These chips will be optimized for particular use cases and scenarios of NLP, computer vision, speech recognition, which will eventually make it easier for mobile app development companies to design smart apps for healthcare, automobile, and other business verticals.

2) Merge of AI and IoT

This year, we will see the impact of convergence of AI and IoT on the business world – all thanks to the concept of Edge computing.

While IoT will make it possible to collect data from different data nodes and bring it at the edges of the connection, AI will facilitate businesses with the opportunity to precisely check each of the data and share only the relevant one at the center of the network – even when the ‘data collected’ is in the form of video, speech, or is time-bounded.

In this way, the blend of two technologies will help businesses to find the right information in a faster and effective manner – and that too without introducing their human workforce into the process.

3) Automation of DevOps

Artificial Intelligence will also bring a drastic transformation in the DevOps world. The technology will enable DevOps to gather data from different servers and perform precise and meticulous analysis to ensure that businesses taste the best of the opportunities.

In other words, the technology will combine with the DevOps process and bring a new term into existence, i.e, AIOps (AI + DevOps).

4) Enhanced Focus on Privacy and Policy

Lastly, AI technology will also gain a huge momentum in terms of privacy and policy.

Seeing the growing data breach cases, businesses will show more attention to using AI technology. They will employ its power to analyze data in real-time and make predictions, and thus, get rid of fraudulent activities and associated outcomes.

Now, as you know what are the top AI trends to consider in 2019, it is the best time to take the right step towards integrating the technology in your business. In other words, it is the right time to hire the best mobile app development company that delivers AI-enabled mobility solutions and hence, make a profitable future in the market world.


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