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4 awesome reasons study university Bristol

The University of Bristol is one of the most popular universities in the South West of England. Although the University of the West of England and Bath University have a bit more firepower in terms of courses to choose from, Bristol still a great university to learn and graduate from, especially if you’re still unsure of what you want to study. If you’re thinking about applying to the University of Bristol, here are a few additional reasons why it would be an excellent choice for your studies to progress.

1.      Easy to Find Accommodation

One of the main benefits of studying at Bristol University is that you’ll have a huge choice in terms of where you stay. Many students opt for student accommodation because they can share the costs with other students, but after they research Bristol student accommodation, many find that private student accommodation is actually within their budget. Bristol city is filled with good accommodation for students to take advantage of and, although it’s not always fancy, it’s still cheaper and will give your finances more breathing space.

2.      Many Museums and Libraries to Help with Your Studies

Bristol Central Library is one of the standout libraries to visit, regardless of the subject you’re studying. However, there are hundreds of libraries dotted around the Bristol area if you’re not staying in the city. If you’re residing in the outskirts of Bristol in areas like Yate, Chipping Sodbury, Kingswood or Winterbourne, you’ll have easy access to local community libraries that will give you more space during your studies.

3.      Easy Public Transport Methods

Even if you choose to accommodation on the outskirts of Bristol, you’ll still find traveling to and from the city is very easy thanks to the many public transport operations close to student accommodation Bristol. The city is very easy to enter thanks to the M32 motorway that’s connected to the M4 and M5 via ring roads. This means there are hundreds of bus routes going to town on a daily basis. Parkway train station is easily accessible from Bradley Stoke, which gives you another way to get to Temple Meads and the other towns around Bristol.

4.      Excellent Nightlife

This could well have an adverse impact on your studies. However, if you’re sensible enough, it could also help in terms of relieving stress, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with letting your hair down now and again. Bristol is renowned for its excellent nightlife. Whether you start off at the waterfront with friends and then make your way up Park Street to enjoy a few clubs there, or you start off in the other side of Bristol and make your way into town later – Bristol is filled with excellent nightlife that can cater to the needs of anyone with different backgrounds and tastes.

Bristol is no London, but it is a city in which students thrive. Another reason to choose Bristol University is that there are loads of cheap food shops situated around the city, and that could prove to be important when it comes to working and studying at the same time.

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