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5 things to look for in a preferred financial advertising agency

In-house employees normally have their plates full with many tasks on their to-do lists. Regardless of the size of the company, a helping hand is always vital for the accomplishment of the short term and long-term goals. The marketing department is one that stands to reap great benefits from working with outsourced expertise. This department is in charge of a business’s sales and general performance.

But how do you trust someone who is not part of your company to give you the much-needed advice? It can be overwhelming. To help crack this nut, we have done this article that will provide you with an analysis of the things to look for in the right agency with a special focus on the businesses that deal in finance.

Things to Look For In a Financial Advertising Agency

Technical Competence

A good financial advertising agency should be flexible enough to be able to adjust according to changes in the dynamic financial market. How competent is the agency in ensuring that the investments pay off? For instance, almost everyone is into social media marketing. There are sponsored Facebook posts, tweets, affiliate links and many other types of promoted content.

A good financial advertising agency should not only bring these options to the table, but it should also formulate strategies to ensure that they deliver value to you as the client.

Positive Reviews and Feedback

A reliable financial advertising agency should have testimonials from previous clients. Some of the places to get comments from former or current clients is from the agencies website or from a quick search from other reliable sites on the internet.

While analyzing the reviews, see if the previous customers had needs related to yours and if the agency actually fulfilled them.

Clear Definition of Roles and Responsibilities

A good financial marketing agency should present a clear cut breakdown of the advertising roles and responsibilities. For instance, he should be able to tell you if your in-house team has a role to play in the marketing journey as well as how often this will be.

Who is in charge of any repercussions that may emerge from the different forms of advertising? This information should be properly discussed before entering into an advertising relationship with a financial agency; it prepares you and your team.

Availability of Integrated Advertising Strategies

Technology has greatly impacted the way things are done. Marketing has taken a shift from the traditional methods to what is now referred to as digital marketing. Digital marketing has a lot in its promises basket. Nevertheless, traditional methods such as print media are still a force to reckon with.

To avoid missing out on the relevance, ask your financial advertising agency how he plans to integrate both digital and traditional approaches to help hit your financial advertising goals.

An Attainable Returns on Investments Plan

As a financial institution, you know that the goal of any investment is to be able to realize returns. It is the same with investing in financial advertising. What will the agency charge for its services and what gains will your institution reap? The best financial advertising agency should be able to explain returns in qualitative and quantitative measures.


All factors considered, it is important to carefully assess the chances of your company gaining advertising benefits from an agency. The reliable one should be in a position to provide all-round solutions with respect to business promotion. Consider key indicators such as the success of the agencies advertising. How successful is the advertising solutions provider in advertising his own services?

If there is no history of good rankings or ratings earned for itself, chances are the company can’t offer much to other firms. The agency should keep its house in order before sourcing for more related roles.

The agency of choice should also accept accountability for the performance of the advertising strategies of choice. The company or agency has a responsibility to review marketing performance as often as necessary.

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