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5 Tips for choosing online casino bonuses

One of the best ways to save money while playing casino games online is to use a bonus. With some free cash, you can take a risk-averse approach while trying out a new game. Bonuses are also great for reducing stress.

However, they can become a headache if you don’t choose the right one. Apply these five tips and you’ll know how to spot the perfect online casino bonus.

Find the Ideal Time Limit

In recent times, we’ve seen an awful lot of casino bonuses for the UK that have a 7-day expiry date. Although 168 hours is theoretically a long period of time, most people won’t put their entire life on pause just to burn through the bonus.

15 days is an ideal amount of time for any bonus. You can also find one-month limits, but they usually come with less lucrative promotions.

Compare the Wagering Requirements to Similar Offers

If the bonus is, let’s say, £50, you can compare its playthrough requirements to bonuses in that particular ballpark.

That way, you’ll notice what lies between the verbose CTAs and big writing on the in-site advertisements. The exact requirements can show you how financially stable a site is, too.

More is Sometimes Less

Picking the most common mistake while using online casino bonuses is pretty hard, but we have one particular misstep in mind – going for the money.

While it seems that some casino sites are willing to give hundreds of pounds, there are usually other requirements to make your life difficult. If a bonus sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Make Sure You Can Use it for Live Casino Games

Even if everything checks out, a bonus might be limited to the regular casino section. Since live dealer games involve real people, they’re not as precise as RNG ones.

British online casinos are known to mitigate their potential losses this way. Look for a promotion that can be used sitewide, just to be able to experience the casino as a whole.

Check If the Casino is Properly Licensed

Did you know that deposit bonuses are the most common means of fraud in the iGaming industry?

Before you make any move, check to see if said operator has the green light from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). That way, you’ll have sufficient legal protection in case of a dispute.

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