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All you need to know about payment gateway integration.

You have chosen a payment gateway and confident that you can move on to its integration. However, do not be in a hurry, because you will have to consider many important points. About some of them we will tell you in this article.

What is important to consider before integrating a payment gateway?

The first thing you will need to decide on is the way to integrate. There are 2 ways of integration – hosting payment gateway and integrated system.

When you choose a hosting payment gateway, your customers will redirect to the payment processor website during the order process. Here it is important that customers are aware of the payment gateway and use it, otherwise it will have a negative impact on company’s sales level.

Integration of this gateway will not take more than three days, but most often the whole process completed in one day. In this case, all issues related to the security of information provided by customers, as well as the processing of payments, will resolve by the company, that provides the services.

However, the hosting payment gateway has disadvantages. Using this gateway, the buyer will be redirected to a third-party resource. Not every customer will be ready to complete the purchase, which will affect the conversion. In addition, some payment service providers, such as PayPal, even after the end of the company’s service, retain the data of their customers, who made transactions through the service.

If we talk about the integration of a hosting payment gateway, as a rule, detailed instructions for connection can always be found on the website of the service provider. At the same time, each service provider tries to make integration as simple as possible.

If we look at PayPal Express, we will notice that for successful connection is enough to take a piece of java script code by inserting it into the code of the site. After the successful button placement, the REST API PayPal will be activated and the transactions will be successfully processed.

How not to lose customers due the need to switch to external service?

As we have already found out, when switching to external services, not every buyer makes a purchase.

How can we solve this problem? Use an integrated payment system. These systems are connected and configured via gateway API. It is important to understand that by choosing this system, your company will have to comply with all security requirements, in particular, PCI DSS.

All matters related to payment are also the responsibility of your company. In addition, it will be important to take care of opening a trading account, because when customers will pay for goods and services from plastic cards, money will come to this account.

Of course, the option with an integrated payment gateway is a bit more complicated than with a hosting system. However, you and only you will control all user transactions as well as the information provided by your customers. Only you and only you will own your customer base. Also, you can easily change the necessary settings of the system, adapting all payment processes to the needs of your users.

How to integrate a payment gateway?

Some companies may find the process of payment system integration very complicated, but in fact, every company is trying to make it as simple as possible. When it comes to PayPal Express, integration starts with the need to get the checkout.js script from the company. Then, this script will have t added to the client as well as the code on the page where the button should be.

You will also be able to change the appearance of this button on the website by using a test script.

In this case, it is important to understand some features:

Payment () – your customer clicks on the button and the function starts.

OnAuthorize () – this function is triggered when you log in and successfully authorize a payment.

OnCancel () – when the payment is cancelled. Most often, when a payment cancelled, the system redirects customer to the original page.

We will not go deep into all these functions so as not to confuse you again. It is only important to understand that each payment gateway has its own integration features.

If you do not want to deal with each of these features on your own, and you need to integrate the gateway as soon as possible in order to successfully accept payments from customers and achieve maximum conversion, then just trust us to solve all the issues of our company.

We guarantee the fastest possible verification and resolution of all issues related to the payment gateway integration. With us, your customers will receive more than 350 different payment options.

We cooperate with all companies whose activities are not prohibited by law, even when we talk about high-risk business. In this case, we can connect a company from any country in the world.

Do not forget about one more important advantage. We are talking about very favorable commissions for withdrawal of funds and for processing payments. All the money that you will save through cooperation with us, you can spend on the development of your own business. Don’t let the complexity of payment gateways integration never become a problem for you again.

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