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Apple profited from illegal gambling

At the end of January, a California court in the US (Northern District) received a petition against media mogul Apple. The text of the lawsuit document alleges that the international firm profited from illegal apps with a gambling element by distributing them through the App Store. 
The lawsuit also points out: any gambling site for all slots online is incredibly lucrative and highly addictive for the customer. Indeed, online casino players can buy online gambling chips for real currency in dollars. However, according to the source: winnings in some such designated applications cannot be withdrawn into real money or other transactions – the virtual money remains only a catalyst for the customer to play again and again. 
Such fraud opens the way for Apple to receive up to a quarter of a percent of all transactions of paid content and the purchase of notorious chips. What’s more, the company takes a percentage from players’ purchases of virtual currency. The text of the lawsuit alleges that social casino developers and Apple have long been making this type of deal on mutually beneficial terms. 

The plaintiff emphasized that the corporation helped distribute this type of app. And that’s not all: there are reports that Apple has opened up player data to the developer, including various databases of the e-payment clientele. As a result, players spent more than six billion dollars on unrealistic online casino app chips from the App Store in the past year 2020. 
The lawsuit was filed by two residents of northern California. The complainants Sherry Bobs and Donald Nelson splurged on online casinos: according to the citizens, at least $30,000 in cash was used. It all went towards the purchase of virtual chips. 

Of course, each of them intends to seek justice: they want a refund of the money spent and an impressive compensation. Those responsible should be held liable, criminally and administratively, for violating the local gambling jurisdiction. The petitioners are confident of the illegality of what they believe is Apple’s conduct. 
More than two thousand titles of online casinos and other gambling games, including virtual versions of card games, now continue to operate on the App Store. Most of them are conditionally free and support a paid content purchase model. Players should be more vigilant about their information security and choose top slot sites uk responsibly when engaging in mobile gambling. 

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