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Are vaping and smoking any different

You can consume marijuana in several ways. Some ingest it in the form of edibles, others oils, infusing it with beverages, sprays, dabbing, using bongs, vaping and smoking. The most common ways, among the ones mentioned above, are vaping and smoking.

Pot users mostly will be smoking weed or vaping it, at the very least. It all depends on personal preference. The question we are asking today is, “Is vaping and smoking any different?”

By the end of this article, you will be able to answer this question, and you will have the ability to select the one that is healthy and good for your health.

Vaping and smoking by definition

Smoking means burning cannabis directly by rolling a joint or using blunts. Both applications are unique in that a joint involves placing the bud on rolling papers while using blunts include removing the nicotine residue within a cigar stick and filling it with the herbs instead.

Vaping, on the other hand, is the use of vaporizers to consume weed or commonly in the form of THC vape juice. Typically, users will depend on a vape pen and pre filled cartridges for this purpose.

Note, smoking requires you to use dried buds whereas you have to prepare or purchase THC vape juice for you to vape.

How Vaping took over the stoning industry

Smoking was not a good alternative for most users. When you inhale the smoke, there is a high chance that you will damage most organs within your body, including your heart, and the lungs. Additionally, experts state that smoking exposes users to a higher probability of addiction and development of cancer.

What led to the introduction of vaping was not weed, generally. It came as a solution for people who wanted to quit taking nicotine progressively. However, thanks to the curiosity of some stoners; thus, vaping was a new phenomenon that the stoning community embraced.

What are the benefits that users experience?

The benefits of vaping outweigh the influence of smoking. Here are some of the essential benefits.

  1. Long lasting “high” effect

Smoking may not bring a long lasting high impact than vaping. The reason is, dry herbs comprise of both THC and CBD. If you understand those two components, you already know that CBD lowers the effect of THC (which is the component that produces that euphoria effect).

When THC functions alone, you will be able to experience the full effects of marijuana.

  1. You can add flavours

One factor that makes many people quit smoking is that the smoke inhaled can be harmful, and two, it can leave an unpleasant after taste. There are minimal ways you can use to eliminate that taste.

THC vape juice gives you the freedom to add flavours to the e-liquid. You can use terpene thickeners to thicken the liquid or terpene diluent, which thin the concentrate when making the vape juice.

  1. Discreet vape does not smell

If you want to smoke, you will have to do so around other seasoned smokers or you can wait until you are alone. Passive smoke can affect other people and even pollute the environment on a short-term scale.

Nevertheless, thank to the many flavours available for exploration; you will eliminate not only the taste but also the smell. Therefore, you can vape in public without disrupting the comfort of the people around you.

Health concerns between vaping and smoking

It is always appropriate that you consult a health practitioner if you are the kind that is watchful with your health. Experts and vendors can also advise you on the best vaping practices to avoid coughing, or a throat hit.

The throat hit is something that most people want to avoid at all costs. Adding your favourite terpene diluent can reduce the probability of being choked.

Can you smoke and vape at the same time?

It is a question that most people ask when they have to choose between the two. Although it draws down to preference, vaping comes with a perfect experience as long as you practice the right vaping techniques.

That includes preparing a proper THC solution, purchasing a reliable vape pen and pre filled vape cartridges, maintaining your vape pen or vaporizers correctly, and storing extra THC in the most appropriate solutions.

You can also vape if you have never smoked weed before. There is no issue in this since it is safe. Most beginners complain that they coughed the first time they tried smoking. Nonetheless, as long as you add the right amount of terpene diluent or flavours, you are sure that no coughing occurs.

Final remarks

At the end of it all, you will have to choose one. Vaping seems to be a better alternative than smoking. Think about the long lasting effects, the supplements you can add to the vape juice, the flavours, and the health concerns that vape juice solves.

Other than that, always make a good selection when buying vape pens. Some people end up blowing up their vaping tools (including vaporizers) because they did not review the brand they purchased.

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