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Content marketing mistakes only a rookie can make

Often, people have the misconception that writing content is easy. It is not! On paper, it looks like all you have to do is writing some paragraphs, include some links and publish it. You expect your article to go viral in a few hours. Surprise, there are only a couple of readers interested in it, and the majority of them are your friends. In order the content you create to reach to the right people, and be considered good writing, you should focus on the creation process. When creating content it is important to conduct research, to invest energy in the process, and to check if it coordinates with other pieces of information. The majority of people have learned the hard way that creating content is not an easy job, and only by possessing the right knowledge, you can expect your article to have impact on the readers. Here are some rookie’s mistakes everyone should try to avoid.

You do not have a strategy and defined goals

Before starting to write an article, you should ask yourself what you want to achieve with the content you create. Only if you know what your purpose is, you will be able to create a strong strategy for your business. Determine if the purpose of your article is to reach new audiences, build brand awareness or you want to convert regular customers into loyal clients.

You do not have a documented content marketing plan

The majority of people skip from view creating a specific marketing plan. The entrepreneurs who focus on having a documented content marketing strategy have greater chances to be more successful.

You do not optimise your content for search

Nowadays a crucial mistake is to over-optimise your content for search engines. But, another one is to not optimise your content at all. Lilo studies the content creation tendencies and lately they have noticed that in order to avoid having their pages penalised for over-optimising, people choose to get to the other extreme. It is essential to include keywords in your content, because other way search engines have difficulties to crawl it.

You write poor-quality content

Some writers consider that if their content is optimised for search engines, they do not have to focus on the quality of the articles they are creating. Do not lose your readers from view, their interest is to find useful information when they check an article. Do not devote yourself to attract only search engines. Speak to your target public if you want to get results.

You underestimate the headlines of the article

When a reader checks an article, they first read the headlines. The headlines will decide if they continue to read on your web page, or they choose another source. Even if the content is attractive, they will not start reading it, if they are not captivated by the headlines. Great websites, like Buzzfeed and The Guardian always choose catchy headlines, because they know that this is the best way to make the public want to read more.

Content marketing is continually evolving. In order to get effective results, it is important to enhance your efforts and avoid the above mistakes, they are simply terrible.

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