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Cryptocurrency For Change: Why We Need More Women On The Blockchain

Cryptocurrency: Why We Need More Women On The Blockchain

Why We Need More Women On The Blockchain. Though grotesque, it is a hard fact that women in Cryptocurrency trading are underrepresented.

According to a study conducted in June 2018, it is found that the lion’s share of gender representation is men (91.2%).

This clearly exposes gender inequality in the best possible form. This is exceptionable. But another recently concluded study deconstructed the stereotype and found out that 43% of Crypto enthusiasts are generally women, and that’s quite a recovery. 

Yet it is a hard fact to gobble up that women’s representation in Cryptocurrency is thin. So if you are a woman, you could start trading Bitcoin.

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In this article, we are going to study, and we are going to discuss why we need more women on the Blockchain.

Some Amazing Facts About Blockchain

Here are some facts and data that project the success of Blockchain in recent times and the promise beyond. So let’s check them right here. 

It is projected that the Global Blockchain market will go up to around $23 billion by 2023. And that’s a highly positive development one might project. 

It is also hoped that the Cryptocurrency market will reach around $1087.7 million by 2026. 

Turkey is the country that has the highest rate of Cryptocurrency adoption. 

Between the years 2012 and 2020, Bitcoin has gained 193,639.36%. And that Goliath-ian and nothing less!

Now, if women are able to take part in the growth ride, it will definitely be better for them in the future. So why should men have all the Fun (success in Crypto Trading)? 

Women’s Involvement In Crypto Trading Is Getting Developed With Time

There are some statistics that speak in favour of women’s empowerment, even in the world of Cryptocurrency. 

1. Among the notable Cryptocurrencies, women are buying Bitcoin (71%), Ethereum (18%), and Dogecoin (42%). That’s a healthy percentile value.

2. Around 92% of women have knowledge of Cryptocurrency, and 24% have invested in it. Percentage-wise it’s quite impressive. 

3. In 2022, around 1 in every female enthusiast is planning to trade on Cryptocurrency, and around 60% say that they are buying in the coming three years. 

4. Nearly one-fifth of Crypto consumers (women) believe that with investment in Cryptocurrency, they will reach their financial goals.

These figures speak volumes regarding women’s participation in Crypto trading. And these are all positive trends. 

Why Are Women Better Crypto Investors?

It is found from the aforementioned study that women are slowly but steadily climbing the ladder when it comes to investing in Cryptos.

Women have broken the stereotypes and are taking part in risk-oriented investments. So quite naturally, a question crops up:

Why is more women’s participation required in Crypto trading?

In order to answer the fact, we need to give some facts that men might find difficult to digest, but the answer lies there.

Women Are Savers

Believe it or not, women are savers compared to men. Men cannot match women in this; sorry.

Let us back this up with a fact. According to a study, women hold around 8.3% of their income in savings. This is way ahead when compared to men (7.9% saving on income)

Now more savings means women have the power to diversify their investments. 

Women Are More Successful Investors

Females tend to be more cautious when it comes to investment. Females possess better analytical skills compared to men, and it’s a proven fact.

Therefore if the question of investing in such a volatile market arises, female investors have a much higher chance of success than men.

With better sensibility, female investors can make the right decision on investment. Here also, women emerge as winners.

Sorry men! The days of your Crypto-Patriarchy are gone for good!


It can be concluded by saying that women are deconstructing the myth and are emerging as Crypto trades. 

They are gaining a strong foothold with the passage of time. And therefore, it is quite an opportunity for them to encash from the ecosystem. 

The more women partake in this development, the more they become motivated. Therefore like all other aspects of life, they will be on par with men. 

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