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Domestic relations investigations

Domestic investigations are focused on individuals and their possible legal problems that might occur inside a family. Those issues might be physical or mental abuse, fraud; a personal misunderstanding that might lead to legal complications.

A Private Investigator for Domestic Investigations

A private investigator dealing with domestic relations uses such tools as surveillance, background checks, personal interviews and more to collect the necessary data. Domestic investigations are a huge segment of a private investigations` market. They allow performing a background check to exclude the possibility of victimization. Domestic investigations may also prevent frauds, scams, and theft. An investigator will collect data professionally and discretely, so the client will stay safe. 

Every once in a while people have concerns about members of their families. Unfaithful spouses and domestic violence are the main reasons for such investigations. On the other hand, there might be many other issues that require attention. Troubled teenagers, new family members, and even surveillance for properties are all different types of domestic investigations.

Types of Domestic Investigations

·      People Locate – whether it is a runaway teenager or an ex-spouse, a private investigator may find them for you

·      Background Checks – in case you welcome a new family member or hire a nanny for your children, it might be handy to perform a background check for the person. An investigator will give you all the necessary information: education, employment records, criminal history, and more.

·      Domestic Surveillance – in case you have to leave your house you need to make sure that your family members and property are safe. A private investigator can place hidden cameras all over your property so you could keep an eye on your house while you are out. All the materials that you might get from this surveillance equipment can be used in the court if needed.

·      Undercover or covert operations – some kind of investigations should be as discreet as possible. Let`s say you suspect your child of being involved with drugs. Or your spouse behaves unusually. In this case, the investigator will collect data and provide you with all the information you might need

·      Computer investigation – in case the information you need is hidden on someone`s phone or has been deleted from the computer or any other device, a qualified professional will extract it for you.

·      Public record and information research – this kind of investigation is similar to a background check but is much more detailed. You might need this kind of service in case you suspect that somebody can try to commit a crime against you or endanger your private life. For example, stalking, blackmail, and other serious offense against you and your family are frightening and need serious professional attention.

Why Can`t I Do It by Myself?

·      Legal aspect – a professional investigator will make sure that all the data and evidence are collected legally and may be used in court if needed.

·      Access – private investigators have experience and access to investigation tools and information that a regular person may not have.

·      Experience – when you need to investigate something inside your family you might be overwhelmed with emotions or simply don`t know where to start. A professional always has more experience and works according to the procedure. At the same time, a situation may differ and an investigator will always manage to adapt and react accordingly.

·      Confidentiality – a professional investigator is bound with confidentiality obligations. This will guarantee that the information revealed during the investigation will be kept in secrecy and revealed to a client only

Domestic Investigation is a toll for you to protect your home and family. Whether you believe that the crime might happen inside your home or your beloved ones are in danger, a qualified private investigator will always provide you with all the necessary information you may need. All the information and evidence, that the investigator might collect, will be passed to the customer only. It is only up to the customer whether to keed the data to himself or uses it legally. Anyway, a qualified investigator will always make sure to work discretely and according to the law. In case the client`s suspicions have no basis; the trust inside the family will not be compromised. In case a real illegal activity is revealed, all the information that was collected during the investigation can be used in court.

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