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Employee Retention And How Health And Safety Plays A Role

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Retaining high-level and highly productive employees is a must for any successful business. It can directly impact how successful your business is and your company’s bottom line. Losing highly skilled, productive, and well-trained employees can damage your entire business. Not only does it force you to spend more time, energy, and money on hiring new employees, but it can also wreck morale and reduce efficiencies throughout your company.

There are good ways to improve your employee retention. One of the best ways is by integrating an effective onsite safety program. Believe it or not, prioritizing injury prevention is one of the best things you can do to improve employee retention.

How Can a Safety Program Increase Employee Retention?

There is a multitude of reasons you can retain more employees by prioritizing safety. 

1. Fewer Injuries

First and foremost, you will have fewer employees suffering serious injuries. No one wants to get hurt. Any employee that sees other coworkers around them getting hurt is going to end up leaving. After all, they don’t want to get hurt themselves. They will prioritize their health and wellness and leave before they put their body and livelihood at risk for a company that doesn’t care about their employee’s safety. 

2. Improve Morale

By prioritizing safety in the workplace, you can minimize injuries that boost employee morale. Any employee that is capable of operating in their existing role without fear of injury is going to be much more satisfied than those who aren’t. An employee that doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt daily is going to be much more productive and more likely to stick around. 

3. Greater Investment

Whenever a company invests more in its employees, the employees are going to see that. By putting more money into keeping your employees safe, you will showcase how much you care about your workforce. Employees see this and they return the favor. They will devote more and more of their years of employment to your organization because you showed faith in them.

4. Boosted Productivity

An effectively designed and well-laid-out safety program is going to minimize soreness and injuries. This can reduce downtime among your best employees. This alone can help to keep workers working and not recovering from sustained injuries. By keeping your workers upright, you can keep them productive daily. 

How To Effectively Use Safety to Retain Employees

Peoplesafe is a company that assists businesses in physical and repetitive environments to both design and integrate better safety programs tailored to their unique needs. We offer specialized solutions that are designed to be implemented on-site including personal safety alarms. We do a comprehensive overview of both the roles and risks present within your unique environment and come up with a plan to maximize performance and minimize injuries in the workplace. 

A Physical Demands Analysis

To start, we go over the physical demands of each job. We look at the physical demands and essential functions to figure out what risks exist and how to mitigate them. We also do an ergonomic risk assessment to see what risk factors exist and some of the causes of them. We look at things like, does the job require a lot of frequent bending? Does the job require heavy lifting? Is there use of powerful machinery present in the job? These are things that can help guide us to creating a highly optimized checklist of things to do to minimize injury concerns. We leverage this data to create measures to minimize risks present in each role. This stage also helps to serve as the foundation of OSHA compliance for your entire company.

Functional Job Descriptions

We leverage the information discovered in the Physical Demands Analysis phase and use it to develop a functional job description. This is utilized to tell both your existing team and any new hires what job duties are required. This will showcase all of the body movements and material handling that will be required for each respective role.

Having accurate and detailed descriptions can be a good way not only to find better candidates but also to showcase to them that you understand the intricacies of each job which can present you as a well-informed employer.

Post-Offer Testing

All of the information that was gathered during the analysis stage and used in job descriptions is then utilized to come up with post-offer tests. These tests are to ensure that every candidate that is being considered can handle their essential job duties and core functions without risk of injury.

You need to integrate these tests into your business because it ensures you are hiring employees that can have longevity in the role and your organization. You want to have the post-testing on-site to ensure that you are streamlining the entire process and getting more accurate testing conditions.

Early Intervention

All of this data is used to come up with early intervention. In this, our professional team works 1-on-1 with your employees to identify some of the leading indicators of injury prevention and figure out how best to minimize injury risk based on it.

Start Retaining Your Best Employees Now!

Fit For Work has a turnkey approach that ensures that your business isn’t losing valuable employees. We can assess your safety processes and make adjustments that can help you retain your most productive employees. You can contact us to integrate an effective onsite safety program into your organization to boost employee retention right now.

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