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Exness bonus promotion – 10% net deposit

What is exness bonus promotion?

Exness bonus promotion - 10% net deposit
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Exness presents a welcome bonus to all the new clients who register for a real account with the broker. This sign-up bonus is the 10% bonus program, calculated as the percentage of the net deposit. 

The amount of funds deposited in the trading account and the deposit from the trading account is known as the net deposit. Once an account has been registered as the exness bonus, clients will have access to trading the money pairs and thus will have to gain some expense. 

This bonus is just an outway for the broker to reward the trader’s choice and return some or all the expenses to the trader. It said that new traders should keep in mind that a promotion bonus will not be available on the demo accounts as many brokers offer the free sign up for the accounts to win different rewards. 

Exness bonus 

There’s no customary deposit bonus in exness. Last year the loyalty program ‘drive’ was offered, which still works without interest. This all depends on how many bets the clients have made and how many trades have been done.

Every task done is saved in the financial credit history. For the time being, the money is accumulated, and the customers receive the bonus. 

Exness is one of the reputable international exchanges that don’t set a commission on the reserved fund. There’s no need to pay for the deposit refill; an exception may be set for the third part financial system, which bonus promotion sometimes allows utilization. 

The second most crucial bonus that exness is offering for the comfortable in is trading VPS-hosting. But this was only for the last session as an online experiment, and this activity requires improved conditions for transactions. 

No doubt there’s huge competition in the whole market. Therefore exness has introduced a specific supplement.

Now each account is independent, and thus, if there’d be any update or error on the official website, the users will not receive any notification. The standard operation is an exceptional bonus for happy trading. 

Exness bonus promotion limitations:

Exness is a multi-licensed Forex and CFD broker which offers services depending upon the terms and conditions of jurisdictions.

Thus due to this exness bonus promotion may not be available for traders from all over the countries.

If there’ll not any bonus promotion available for your country, then it will say “no bonus promotion.” Exness also provides some extra benefits to its users. 

Unlimited trading opportunities 

In today’s financial market, so many companies are offering asset management that is easy to get and, as well as lost, get the wrong impression and make an incorrect choice.

Let’s have a look at some points that will make you believe that exness is the good choice for you:

  • Exness gives you access to a wide range of markets like commodities, stocks, and currencies. 
  • The major financial tools will be available to you with the exness, the equities, and funds.
  • You can get access to thousands of contracts, including goods, fuel, indices, and metals. 
  • Easy access to the huge stock issued by the world’s top developers
  • All in one multi marketing trading platform 

Why choose exness as your Forex Broker?

Exness real-life solid experience enables the clients to offer special beneficial trading options. Exness is the universal broker with a European license.

This means that the 10% deposit you get with the exness bonus promotion is regulated under strict European Union regulations for financial terms. 

  • A cutting edge technology trading model with low spreads from 0.0 points
  • Steadfast order implementation in under milliseconds 
  • CFDs for the main international indices and fuels
  • You can Access over 100 market depth levels in trading operation
  • 24/5 customers support 
  • Modified services 
  • Daily and weekly informational newsletter 

While offering the widest assortment of services, exness believes in the power of a personal approach to each client. It reduces the conflict of interest in some desk dealing platforms. Exness always tries to fulfil the client’s order and not take a position against the clients. 

Deposit fees and deposit methods 

Traders need to note that even they can deposit in any currency and hence these deposits are subjected to a conversion rate that is the base currency for all the accounts is USD.

The other currencies that exness supports are the following let’s have a look at these currencies: 

  • USD
  • GBP
  • AUD
  • ZAR
  • CHF and much more

You have to implement a few steps to avail of the deposit offer:

  • Get registered with exness 
  • Give the application form with whole authentic information
  • Protect and activate your account by verifying the information 
  • Now, wait for the verification 
  • Get ready to take advantage of next trading opportunity
  • Apply for bonus after deposit 
  • It will automatically calculate the bonus amount based on your net deposit
  • Open your mobile or web platform to place your first trade, and there you go! 


  • Competitive and precise trading conditions 
  • Sign up bonus available 
  • Trading bonuses offered to loyal customers and active traders


  • No referral bonus for new or existing traders
  • It doesn’t offer a deposit bonus or a deposit bonus 


No matter exness bonus promotion is available for the trader, the traders who come under the FCA and CySEC regulators will not be eligible for the bonuses. More information can be available from the broker’s customer care team. 

So while compared with the other brokers, exness stands first in comprehensive trading, dynamic trading accounts, and excellent financial equipment that can be traded through the powerful Meta-trader 4 and Meta-trader-5. Thus if you’ve any further queries, then you’re free to ask. 

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