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Five Tips on How You Can More Effectively Sell Your Property

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

Whether you are selling your home, business, or other property, it can be a challenge to get the price you want for the property and sell it as quickly as possible. Depending on the market, there can be a lot of competition or other factors that can affect your sale. This can drive down the price you want for your property and can force you to spend thousands of dollars to make upgrades in an attempt to sell.

If you are in the market to sell your home in Queensland, here are five tips that can help you to improve your chances of selling quickly at the price you desire.

Clean and Declutter

Do you want to know the first thing that is going to ruin your chances for a sale? It is when your house, business, or other property looks dirty or has a lot of clutter. This is unappealing to your guests. It is unsightly to people who want to buy your home. It creates a terrible image of how your house, business, or other property looks in the eye of a potential buyer.

A house where there is lots of clutter, clothes are not hung up, toys are scattered around, the yard looks uncapped, and newspapers are stacked with a bad image. An office where desks are cluttered or the lobby looks dishevelled presents a wrong impression. A property with lots of branches and debris lying around, uncut grass, and other vegetation poorly maintained is discouraging to a potential buyer.

Keep in mind that the way they are looking at your property is how they envision how it will look should they purchase it. If you make it look bad, they are going to see it as bad.

Price So You Can Sell

One of the biggest mistakes that sellers make is they choose a price that is simply unreasonable. This can be hard to gauge at times, but keep in mind that if there is a lot of interest in your property, then buyers are going to drive up the price. Position your property in a way that it can sell. Ask your buyer to pay a cost that is commensurate with the value of the property, and you are more likely to sell quickly.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

The last thing your buyer wants is to be purchasing a home that is a potential safety hazard. This means that it is essential to have railings secure and well-kept, flooring secure so people do not trip, and walkways properly maintained.

It also means that you ensure that you have interconnected smoke alarms installed that are compliant with Australian Standard 3786:2014. The laws have changed in the state of Queensland regarding what a person must do to sell their property. This includes having interconnected smoke alarms installed prior to the sale of the home – the onus is on the seller to do this. Failure to do so can result in a variation in the sale price in favour of the purchaser. Click here to learn more about interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm compliance when selling your home in Queensland.

Handle Repairs Right Away

You may have done a great job at fixing every blemish, crack, or if you with your property. However, there will inevitably be an instance where a potential buyer notices something. Should that occur, fix it right away. That person may come back and want to know that you are handling your business. It also ensures that no one in the future will find that issue. Be quick in your responses.

Stage Your Property

What makes a theatre production, concert, or movie great? It is the presentation of that show or concert long before you even arrive that helps to build your enthusiasm and excitement. When you stage your property in a way that makes it look appealing from the moment a person drives up, you are more likely to get the sale. Wow them. Let them know that your property is the only one for them. They simply cannot resist. This is where the use of a real estate agent and stager can be of great assistance to you.

These five tips will help you to be a lot more successful in selling your property. Before you know it, the bids will be in, and you will see your desired price.


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