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Five tips to avoid risks when playing online

Video gamers or gamers can be targeted by cybercriminals who take advantage of this market to perpetrate scams.

And it is that according to ESET Latin America, a company dedicated to the development of antivirus, 86.2% of video game users claimed to be an online player.

While video games are an attractive entertainment option for netizens regardless of age, they can create risks for gamers to consider.

“Cyber ​​criminals seek to steal users and passwords and infect with keyloggers,

worms and Trojans carefully designed for these purposes, “explains the company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Criminals often use Trojans such as PSW.WOW, which enters the victim’s Gmail account, scans emails, and attempts to steal data related to Battle.net, a service used to play World of Warcraft and other online titles.

In addition, they have Social Engineering techniques creating large files that simulate being

Game cracks with reliable information and appropriate icons.

Therefore, experts recommend following five steps to play togel hongkong safely online.

1. Use password managers

Gamers must remember a large number of passwords, so it can be tempting to reuse the same one for different accounts. It is necessary to take into account that platforms can be hacked, so it is recommended to have different passwords and store them in software such as Lastpass or Keepass.

2. Avoid using Alt + Tab

Simultaneous use of these keys is very useful in keeping a browser window with multiple tabs open, especially for MOG (Online Multi-user Game) games. However, the people who enter these platforms, even teammates, may not be who they appear. They may be there for the sole purpose of spreading malware and redirecting to counterfeit sites by offering fake patches or malicious software downloads.

3. Stay off the forums

Cybercriminals point to gaming forums as an easy way to get long lists of users and passwords, as these spaces are used by fans to discuss video games and search for new tactics.

4. Do not interrupt security features to speed up the PC

In order to optimize resources when playing, many users stop the operation of their computer security products, leaving them exposed to possible infections. It is recommended to use the privacy protection software to control or limit the amount of information made available to third parties. The software can apply encryption or filtering of various kinds

5. Use double authentication

Double authentication is a good security measure to prevent hacking of gaming accounts. It makes access to them difficult and guarantees protection in case the password leaks.

“We recommend users to implement a security solution that allows you to configure the game mode, which helps decrease resource consumption and avoid displaying any message that could interrupt the gaming experience, “said André Goujon, specialist for Awareness & Research at ESET Latin America.

According to Goujon, it is important that gamers are aware of the risks to which they are exposed by playing “online” without the necessary protection.

According to the measurement made by the company in April, 65% of Latin American gamers consider exposing themselves to Trojans by playing online.

How to play safely on the network

Continuing with this McAfee report, we come to the important and most beneficial point for users: how do we have to play online togel singapore to maintain security and privacy? In this regard, the first step is to have a unique and secure password. This means that we must avoid entering our name, personal data such as date of birth, etc. You always have to choose a unique key, as long as possible and that is completely random.

They also recommend using firewall. As we know, it is an interesting security tool. In this way we can protect ourselves from certain threats that attack our device or even our network. There are many alternatives, although if we are Windows 10 users, we can use the firewall that comes with this operating system and that may be more than enough.

On the other hand, they also warn that you have to be sure when clicking. We must avoid installing tools that we do not know or make configurations that may compromise the systems.

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