The role of an equal opportunities policy
A Ford case study

Page 1: Introduction

We can all think of situations which we feel are fair and those which we feel are not. What we believe to be ‘right’ depends upon our own personal values which have been formed over years, through influences such as family, the nature of our society, how we live and how we have been treated by others. When we start work we enter into a contract of employment with an employer, which...
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Page 2: Equal Opportunities Policy

‘I believe our diverse workforce can provide us with a competitive business advantage. Valuing the contributions of all people encourages their full commitment to both Company and personal goals and also allows us to attract, retain and develop the most talented individuals’ Alex Trotman Chairman - Ford Motor Company This case study focuses on equal opportunities at Ford Motor...
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Page 3: Recruitment and promotion

The Company will continue to ensure the advertising of vacancies is compatible with its Equal Opportunities Policy, both in placement and content. To this end, opportunities will be taken, through language, images or declarations as appropriate, to show that the Company is an Equal Opportunity employer.No applicant or employee will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions that are...
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Page 4: Sexual harassment

The Company recognises the problems that sexual harassment may cause in the workplace and is committed to ensuring that such unacceptable behaviour does not take place. Sexual harassment includes unwanted physical contact; suggestive remarks or behaviour; compromising invitations; demands for sexual favours and similar unwanted advances. Sexual harassment, like other unfair discriminatory...
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Page 5: Key principles

Once an organisation has created a policy, it must communicate the policy to everyone within the organisation as quickly as possible, in a way which makes sure that the policies will be operated. There are four key principles of a successful equal opportunities policy. These are: The policy should provide clear guidelines which set out defined responsibilities. The policy should guide and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The issue of equal opportunities is one which has to be constantly monitored in practice. As a result of this monitoring process, it is possible to take stock of performance, to evaluate the success of the operation of a policy in practice and to make adjustments and improvements where necessary.Equal Opportunities is not merely an issue of fairness. To attract and retain the very best talent, the...
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