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GIBXChange Shortlisted in Forex Awards Nominations 2021

Forex Awards has released its list of nominees for the year 2021, and quite unsurprisingly, GIBXChange has managed to gain nominations in multiple top categories. GIBXChange has gained a steady following since its inception only a month ago. It is truly one of the best foreign exchange platforms out there and deserves all the awards it might garner this year.

Forex Awards started in 2010. They are a prestigious honour bestowed upon the most influential companies in the financial world. Previous winners of Forex Awards include ETXCAPITAL, MITRADE, ERRATE, NORDFX, and FXPRO.  

GIBXChange is a subsidiary of the Global Investment Bank and Capital Fund. It is a global brokerage firm that was only launched very recently, in September. It works by providing clients with accurate and comprehensive information about developments in the financial world. It is an excellent digital trading asset. One of the few decentralized assets, it has gained more than 10 million users already. GIBX partners with large organizations such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Paxful, Barclays, CoinGecko, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank among many others. It has a decided international presence, already having established data centres around the world in China, the USA, and Singapore. GIBX covers a variety of trading terminals and deals in more than 290 currencies. It values transparency and offers a variety of user-friendly options like an easily navigable interface, risk prevention, and hot and cold wallet functions. These have managed to make it a popular foreign exchange platform.

GIBX is nominated in many categories, which are

  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2021 with CoinBase, HuobiGlobal, Binance, and Kraken.
  • Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Broker 2021 with AB Investing, TradedWell, Brokereo, and NordFX.
  • Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2021 with Commerce Wealth, Moneta Markets, and Vantage FX.
  • Best Trading Application 2021 with cTrader, IEXS, and Libertex
  • Best Trade Executions 2021 with Errante, OctaFX, 101Investing, and CedarFX.

All of GIBXChange’s competitors are seasoned players in the foreign exchange economy. Many of them have already won Forex accolades in many different categories. CedarFX, NordFx, and Errante all possess multiple nominations every year. This means that GIBXChange has a lot to fight against to establish itself as an important forex platform. Though the work it does speaks for itself, what remains to be seen is whether it will be able to shine in the Forex Awards. These Awards have helped provide a platform for unprecedented growth for its previous winners. This will also bring huge gains for GIB Global Investment Bank.

GIBXChange has already established itself as an excellent forex broker. The plethora of features it offers has set it up on the global change as a player to watch out for. A Forex Award is sure to set it on the path to success. As GIBXChange gains more and more followers and is about to close in on 18 million users, an added award will be a superb addition to its list of accomplishments.

Nominees for the Forex Awards are chosen via meticulous decision-making and judgment. It is quite a feat for GIBXChange to have been nominated in these multiple, prolific categories. All nominees will go through a long and difficult judgment process before winners are declared. Forex also works by asking users and clients to vote for the platforms they have used and think are best. You can vote for GIBXChange on the Forex website. The results are expected to be out early next year.

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