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How adapting to change is vital

Especially if you are a small business, and as we move through the first month of 2019 some entrepreneurs are reflecting on the past year, whether good or bad, and are looking forward to the year to come.

We all learn lessons and of course no business operation works in its own little bubble, business trends are forever changing whether the changes are taking place in the marketing side of things, the technology used, the finance or public policy, those involved in a small business need to be aware and critically, need to be able to adapt to all of the external factors as well as what is going on inside their own enterprises.

Although we have seen a massive surge in technological advancement it is not thought that it will replace the human touch. Of course, technology is always improving and it is very tempting to many organisations, but there are a great many customers that enjoy the human touch instead of AI and predictive analytics when it comes to delivering the best experience.

This does not mean that there are no great opportunities ahead for AI, it is not expected to become the main game changer during 2019. To be honest AI really should at the present time be looked at more like augmented intelligence as it can augment the human being able to give customers greater insight, better information and the overall ability to carry out their roles well.

The modern customer has a great many choices, and they are not scared of gravitating towards those who prioritize their needs with faster delivery time and a more personalised service. If we pull something obscure out of the air like UK live casinos online we can see how an industry has added that personal touch to their product to pull in more customers.

Providing good, personal services whether the customer is ordering lunch, or having a game of blackjack online is vital as the business that offers a better user experience will out-run those that do not whether they are start-ups or large legacy companies.

It seems that will all the technology that surrounds us that genuine relationships still outweigh technology even though it runs big chunks of our lives. Connecting in person drive businesses and commerce, builds trust and strengthen existing connections.

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