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How to Choose a Good Luggage Shipping Company in the UK

Whether shipping business or personal items on a trip, the current market presents a diverse range of courier service providers. For an inexperienced traveller, knowing the best luggage delivery company to choose is a seemingly difficult task. For those that have already used shipping services severally, it may be hard to tell if better courier services exist. Well, we are here to make it easier for you.

A good shipping service is not determined by the price packages they offer, but by the range of services, efficiency of the delivery process and level of customer satisfaction. At first glance, some of the recommendable shipping service provider indicators would be well-coordinated offices, websites, tracks, or any assets with branding. Their delivery system must work like clockwork, for a guided process in local and international shipping, facilitating friendly customer handling. However, factors that are more important define a qualified courier. In the UK, determining a suitable shipping service provider should be steered by the following questions:

Which Locations do they serve?

The UK is vast, and so not all couriers can serve the entire landscape. Therefore, you best ensure your choice of luggage couriers in the UK serves the locations you intended to transit to before considering any other factors. Take note that couriers operating across longer distances will most likely have costlier charges. Your best move, therefore, would be to go for local couriers where possible. In this case, couriers, whose primary focus is the UK and its surroundings would serve you best and still manage timely deliveries with minimal hands touching your items.

What types of Goods Do You Wish to Transport?

Various shipping companies have different sets of rules to guide customers on the types of goods to transit. It would be best if you don’t assume that every courier in the market will accept your luggage. You best check out their websites to see the items limitation rules and ensure your goods are of an acceptable nature.

In most cases, these companies avoid highly fragile goods and goods of excessively high value. However, others only eliminate the risks that may be brought about by flammable items such as sprays and perfumes, which rarely are of great importance to a customer. If a shipping company does not accept the goods you wish to transport, there is always an alternative. Specialized couriers deal in high-risk goods but operate under stringent measures such as better insurance cover and improved packaging protocols. This means that they will charge more than typical shipping companies.

Do they Deliver Fast Enough?

Delayed delivery might cost you income if you are on a business trip. It is also inconvenient for personal trips like vacations, especially if you are shipping most of your essentials. In most cases, a delivery would last anything between 3 to 14 days, depending on the destination. This time would be enough even for late deliveries to arrive. However, check the guarantees individual shipping companies offer regarding the delivery time and the protocols they have to mitigate delays.

Do they Provide Tracking of Goods in Transit?

Travelling or not, you would not have peace of mind knowing that your goods could be lost somewhere along the way. Even though most couriers are very careful with such handling, it is only human to seek assurances. Therefore, a good shipping company would have a way to track goods in transit, and in some cases, provide details to customers. Check a company’s website to ensure tracking is offered and the ways to do it.

How easy do they make transit for You?

Helping you move around luggage hassle-free is the primary purpose of any shipping company. They should not take you through the struggle of moving goods to an office location or bus parking to transit luggage. The perfect courier works with you to organize pick-up from your doorstep and deliver them to the doorstep of your destination on time.

Is the Pricing Considerable?

Finally, examine the company’s price package to determine if it gets you your money’s worth. You can do this by requesting a free quotation online. Do not confuse considerable pricing with cheap. An excellent luggage service provider whose work is satisfactory will be reasonably charged. Most professional luggage couriers do not offer low market prices. You should compare and contrast your available options to determine which one works for you best.

Apart from the above mentioned, it would also help to opt for an insured courier in case your goods are damaged. Even though most shipping companies provide their own compensation terms, it would be best to get a limited insurance cover for your prized luggage.

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