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How to choose and buy used food processing machinery

For a person in the food processing industry, finding the right kind of equipment to buy can take a lot of time. One may not be sure of what equipment is the right fit for them. The choice to purchase a uses processing machinery should not be taken lightly. It could be what makes or breaks your business.

The first thing one has to do is identify if they need the equipment in question. You have to consider how you choose to buy a piece of equipment will impact the business. Also, the cost of the equipment, other extra costs like installation capital can affect the business. The effect could be positive or negative if the buyer asks themselves some questions:

  1. Is the buy going to increase the profit margin of the business?
  2. With there be an increase in production as a result of the buy?
  3. Will the new equipment improve the current quality of the product?
  4. How much capital can be spared to buy the equipment?
  5. Will, there be a safety or regulatory concern because of the purchase?
  6. Will buying this equipment fit in the business long-term goals?

Once the buyer sees a need to make the purchase, the next step is to find the exact equipment that will satisfy the requirement. This will help the buyer communicate his needs with the supplier to eliminate the additional cost and future returns. With a functional specification of what the buyer needs, the supplier can be able to provide the exact machinery that the buyer requires.

With all this information in mind, the buyer can start looking for suitable suppliers either in The Used Equipment Suppliers Directory (UESD) that is a resource for finding a wide range of used food-processing machinery or use online websites to search for a broader range of used processing machinery. These suppliers will offer the buyer a list of equipment they have for sale, their functions and price. From these options, it is up to the buyer to look for the machinery that best suits their need.

In a situation where the buyer has never searched for used machinery before, one can look for reputable extension specialists that can help them. They can answer any questions regarding the process and can even contact the original manufacturer of the buyer’s behalf. This can help the buyer to find the best equipment that is best suited for their need which includes the type and model that they would recommend. Based on the industry the processor is in, the buyer may need to consult engineers, ingredient suppliers and probably a private consultant for specific design queries.

The size of the machinery could depend on the plant capacity. The cost of the machinery should factor against the number of years it will be in service. For example, if buying a new machine worth $16000 that will be in use for 10nyears, the average cost of the machine per year will be $1600. If a used machine worth $6000 and will be in use for five years, its average price will be $1200. From that, the buyer can be able to make an informed decision.

The buyer should also consider the average cost to produce a unit using the production capacity of the slowest unit. The cost of the machine should depend on its production capacity and the one unit’s retail price.  One should also consider the product the machine will be producing. All these considerations will determine if buying a machine at the asking price will be a profitable choice.

Something else that many buyers usually overlook is if the machine has readily available parts. When the machine breaks down, the spares should be easy and cheap to get if the purchase is to be profitable for the business in the long run.

It’s time to contact the seller via the online website any other means. Make sure you do your due diligence on the reputation of the seller. You do not want to be scammed and end up losing money or with faulty equipment. Make sure everything is in order including the ownership documents before finalizing the deal.

For any processor, used processing machinery can be a cheap option to improve their processing capacity thus increasing profits. Many reputable online websites provide good quality used processing machinery that can help you in improving your product.

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