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How To Know When Is The Best Time to Go Fishing

So you want to fish? Who can blame you? Fishing is a fun and educational experience that you can participate in with your family, friends, loved ones, and anyone else you fancy taking on your fishing trip with. In fact, fishing trips are easy to organize. All you need is a fishing rod, and a charter like the Florida Keys Fishing Charters, and you’re all set. However, there still remains other things to factor in as well. For instance, when is the best time to go fishing? Is it during the day? Or at night? In the winter, or in the summer? All these questions are important if you’re serious about having a large output for your fishing journey. This is why this article will try to answer those questions on your behalf. 

In The Summer

Fish are most active when the temperature is warm. That’s why the summer season is such an attractive time to go fishing. You want to get up early and sink your fishing rod into the water if you want to make use of all the active fish. Morning time is the best time for catching fish in the summer as the temperature is warm, meaning that the fish are out and about.


You might have thought of winter fishing. Things tend to be less open and active in the wintertime because of the cold temperatures and the reserved fish in such climates. However, if you want to go fishing in the winter, then the best time to do so is in the midday or afternoon, which is when the sun is at its highest and has warmed up the water after a long cold night. Fishing around this time is best for you because that’s when the fish are most likely to be active and out of hiding. 


Just like hibernation for the bears, fish like to come out to feast or spawn. In the springtime is when fish like to explore the waters and make up for lost time. Reputable fishermen and captains like Captain Rich Smith will tell you that the spring can offer exciting opportunities for eager fishing enthusiasts looking to catch a big output. Just like the wintertime, morning can tend to be still cold from the night before, so postponing your fishing trip to the afternoon will see you have higher chances of catching fish. Late afternoon, till dusk or sunset, is the best time to go fishing in the springtime. 


A lot of fishermen will argue that fishing is best in the fall, not in the summer. For fish, fall is the time to stack up on food and prepare for the long winter ahead. For fishermen, fall can be an exciting window of opportunity to catch the fish in the most active state. Early afternoon leading up to the dusk is your best shot at capturing the most fish if you’re fishing in the fall. Aiming your trips around that time is the best way to guarantee a high number of fish. 

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