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How to secure your records

In this century, everything is growing so fast that we cannot rely on anything. Along with the ease and comfort in our life because of technology there are also some disadvantages of it which can be very fatal. A businessman gives everything to his business to make it grow and any smart hacker can hack all his accounts and take all his wealth within few minutes.

As everything is available online and is just one click away we still need to be very careful before doing anything because whatever is online it can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world if he has a sharp mind.

There are certain strategies and steps which you need to take to make your business secure. Once your business is launched in the market there are multiple people who are finding any way to stick their nose into it.

You need to be careful before taking any steps. The basic thing is that you should create a password which should be unique and not easily guessed by anyone. Keeping one password for multiple accounts is also not recommended because if someone gets one password he will be having access to all your other accounts as well.

It is also very difficult to remember all your passwords in your mind that is why there are multiple password managers which will help you to save all your passwords in one place without anyone getting to know about it.

Let’s get to business and discuss how you can secure your passwords and business by explaining about different platforms which are available in the market to save your business. In this article you will learn about different commercial password managers.

  1. RoboForm:

This is one of the best password managers which effectively works on IOS as it contains amazing security features. On top of that it is also very cheap and easily available in the market.

The price range is from 39$ to 48$ which is totally worth it. Along with it if you have multiple accounts then surely you can get a discount which obviously you cannot ignore. The information shared in the group remain within the group because of its developed encrypted policy, and that information can only be accessed by the people who are in the group.

  • 1Password:

This is also one of the securest platform which can help you to secure your data. This might be very expensive for some people but it is totally worth it and it pays them off with multiple features.

The starting price would be from 3$ monthly and it increases with the growth of your business. If your business is in its growing phase or if it is small then it is fine but if your business is big or growing continuously then you also need to upgrade the package of this platform for better services. This is very easy to use along with its multiple features.

  • There is a travel mode feature which clears all the data from the employee device if he is far away from the desired location and recovers it when he is back to work.
  • There is a very secure way of sharing data to the people with the same interests and it also connects different software in one place.
  • Zoho Vault:

This is also a very good type of password managers and as compared to others like RoboForm it is very cheap starting from 1$ user per month. This gives you complete control over the employees. There is a hierarchy system over here the one who is on top have complete rights and he might be the one who will be giving others certain designations and rules.

This helps you to share your information and data to only those whom you want to. Along with this the best feature of this platform might be is that it goes along very well with other software but its interface might be difficult to understand at first.

  • Dashlane : 

This is one of the best when it comes to commercial password managers. Although the prices might be high as compared to others but it is totally justified with the features it have. It has excellent security.

There is a vault in dashlane for every user apart from their business work they can also have their own privacy by usines companies password manager. Interface is very friendly and very easy to understand.

  • LastPass:

This is one of the highest recommended password manager along with it this is one of the best. It is not expensive and starts with 2$ monthly per user and it supports 5 to 50 users. It can support more users as well nut for that you need to upgrade it to LastPass Enterprise.

This password manager doesn’t have many features but still it is used in the market by majority. This doesn’t go well along with other software’s as well except a few.

Conclusively you need to verify all the details and needs of your business before going for any commercial password managers such as these mentioned above. These password managers might have a cost but it would always be lesser than losing all your data or your business. Be smart and take choices wisely.

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